China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance & Design Institute Co., Ltd. (BRDI), a secondary subsidiary of China Railway Group Limited (CREC), was founded in 1950 as one of the earliest specialized bridge engineering consultancy companies in China. BRDI is leading in the design of large span suspension bridge, large span cable-stayed bridge, rail-cum-road bridge, high speed railway bridge and sea crossing bridge, owning lots of self- created and valid invention patents and utility model patents both in China and abroad. With an annual turnover reaching 200 million US dollars, BRDI has grown into a high technology corporation group whose service and business covers the construction of bridges, roads, tunnels, railways, industrial and civil buildings, urban and rural planning, municipal works and D&B project implementation management both in China and dozens of foreign countries.  

Presently, there are over 1100 staffs in BRDI, More than 800 of whom are engineering professionals, including 1 Academician from Chinese Academy of Engineering, 5 National Design Masters and 30 National Specialists, owing the most excellent professional expertise team BRDI takes the leading position compared yo other companies in the same field.
In bridge engineering, BRDI has provided expertise consultancy services and design for more than 1000 major projects of various types throughout China and the world. The typical projects includes Yangsigang Yangtze River bridge, the second largest span suspension bridge in the world with a main span of 1700m; Hutong Yangtze River bridge, the world’s largest span rail-cum-road cable-stayed bridge with a main span of 1092m; East Sea bridge, a 32.5km long sea crossing bridge; Pingtan Strait bridge, the first rail-cum-road cross-sea bridge; Hongkong- Zhuhai- Macau bridge, 35.6km long seacrossing bridge; and the Qiongzhou strait seacrossing bridge, a 21.8km long rail-cum-road sea-crossing bridge,, which is currently the biggest and the most challenging sea-croosing project in the world.
In rail transit, BRDI provides services including general contracting, civil works, electrical system, tunnel and depot system etc, with metro projects locating in more than 10 cities in China such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, and Nanning etc. BRDI has completed design for over 100 stations and the accumulative length of  metro and LRT projects has reached 200km..
In railway engineering, BRDI is one of the 8 companies which is certified as the first class of railway design in China. Up to now, BRDI has provided design, survey or consultancy services for exceeding 500 railway projects in China, such as Jingguang Railway, Xiangyu railway, Wuguang railway, zhengxi railway etc.
BRDI is also experienced in highway engineering, tunnel engineering, municipal engineering and bridge & tunnel retrofit, completed hundreds of projects in the past several decades. In architecture and urban planning, BRDI has provided urban planning for over 5000 projects. We have completed architecture design for 12000 projects with an accumulative area over 120 million square meters, particularly with fruitful experiences in the civil buildings, commercial plaza, stadium and high speed railway stations.
Besides, BRDI is active in international market as well, with various projects locating in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Ghana, Zambia, Morocco, Iraq, Sudan, Maldives and etc. For example, the Padma bridge which cost 1.6 billion USD, one of the most important infrastructure projects in Bangladesh; the Mohammed VI bridge in Morocco, the first modern cable-stayed bridge in Africa; the 34km long Mangu-Kalabo road in Zambia, the only modern national link in Zambia western region; the Sofoline Interchange complex project in Ghana, the biggest complex interchange in west Africa region etc. In the past years, BRDI has cooperated with many international top consultancy enterprises, including ARUP, EGIS, AECOM, COWI, PARSONS and so on, BRDI are familiar with application of international codes, standards and contract administration, such as AASHTO, EUROCODE, FIDIC contract module etc.
BRDI has won lots of national and international awards referring to different professional areas, which includes 21 National Awards for Progress in Science and Technology,3Georges Richardson Medals issued by International Bridge Conference (IBC) of America, 6FIDIC Award of Merit, 2 Supreme awards for Structure Engineering Excellence issued by Institution of Structural Engineers of UK and 1Outstanding Structure Award issued by IABSE.
BRDI undertakes the grand historical missions to develop and expand the Chinese bridge engineering industry. “Created in China” is the persistent pursue of BRDI.