Core Values: Strengthening, Benefiting, Innovation & Efficiency

Interpretation: It represents our value goal and value orientation in aspects of state, people, science and technology, and employees. That’s to say we work for the prosperity of the state, the benefits of the people, the innovation of science and technology, and the income of employees.

Enterprise Spirit: Reach the Other Side & Design the Future 

Interpretation: It indicates the industry features, unremitting pursuit and ambitious aspiration of a bridge design firm. A bridge is built to reach the other side. Therefore, our employees have always been aiming at the other side. Where there are the rivers, lakes, seas, valleys and abysses, there are our technologically advanced designs.

Our Mission: Business Developing, Employees Benefiting 

Interpretation: A company is established to create more social and economic benefits. Therefore, every employee should make efforts for the prosperous development of the company. As for return, the mission of the company is to develop the business and benefit employees. 

Enterprise Vision: Domestically Leading, Internationally Renowned

Interpretation: We aspire to maintain the leading role in the domestic bridge design arena and become an internationally renowned bridge design brand.

Business Style: Innovation, Meticulousness, Efficiency and Thoughtfulness 

Interpretation: The style is a summary of how we act and handle work. Be innovative in science and technology; be meticulous in reconnaissance and design; be efficient in task completion and be thoughtful in servicing customers.

Talent Idea: Build High-end Platforms, Train High-caliber Talents

Interpretation: As a leader in China’s bridge design arena, we must have topnotch talents to support us in securing our leadership. For talents to excel, we need to provide an environment for them to develop and make tremendous efforts in training.

Management Idea: Execution is soft power and competiveness. 

Interpretation: Execution is the key to turn corporate strategy and planning into benefits and results. The improvement of management level relies on advanced mechanisms and regulations, and enhanced execution.