Company news

Mar 20, 2017

On May 10th, the completion of drilling and static sounding on Platform BHP25(P18) marked that the survey on the north bank of Padma Bridge undertaken by BRDI has come to the end.

The rail-cum-road Padma Bridge, which is under construction, is one of the most important parts for Southwest highway network in Bangladesh and Chinese B&R (The Belt and Road) strategy. The 6.15km long Padma Bridge  strides across the Padma river with double-deck composite steel truss girder. While the upper deck is a four-lane highway, the lower deck is placed with railway, natural gas pipelines, optical fibers and cables, and power lines. The geotechnical engineering survey on the north bank of Padma Bridge for construction drawing design is undertaken by BRDI.

The humid and hot climate in Bangladesh lasts for a long period of time. During the monsoon, frequent hurricanes cause rapid flows in Padma River, leading to a hostile construction environment. With the requirement of adopting European and American survey methods and standards, a large number of in-situ tests is needed. Relevant participants have to face the challenges in cultural differences and harsh living conditions for a long period of time.  

With persistent study, our project department has tackled multiple technical problems, successfully undertaking in-situ tests such as SBPT (Self-boring Pressuremeter Test), borehole elastic modulus test, DMT (The Flate Dilatometer Test) and ultra-deep static sounding test.The completion of aboveground 127M, 25M deep underwater and 130M hole-deep static sounding tests have set the survey records in China. Meanwhile, we strengthen ties and coordination with owners, supervision and construction units, formulating rigorous construction scheme and security measures for promoting the smooth execution of the project.