Ongoing projects

Feb 16, 2019
The Wuhan Rail Transit Zhifang Line (South Line of Line 7) was opened at 8:58 am on December 28 and was commissioned with Rail Transit Line 7. Since 2018, the Wuhan Metro has successively opened the first phase of Line 11 and the first phase of Line 7, and the Zhifang Line is the third line that has been opened for operation this year which BRDI participated in design.
Phase 1 of line 11 and phase 1 of line 7 that BRDI participated in the design have been put into operation on September 30, 2018. The design scope of phase 1 of line 11 was Guanggu Tongji Hospital Station, metro between Tongji Hospital Station and Guanggu Biological Park Station, Guanggu Biological Park Station, metro between Guanggu Biological Park Station and Guanggu 4th Road Station, 2 stations and 2 metro section in total. The design scope of phase 1 of line 7 was 2 stations and 2 metro section in total, Yuanboyuan Station and metro between Yuanboyuan Station and Changmatou Station about 1.5 km long, which is the shield tunnel with the most and most types of railway lines underneath, and is one of the most complicated and difficult key joint projects.
The Zhifang Line is the South Line of Line 7, and is led by the No.7 Line Phase I project of Yezhihu Station (excluding). It runs along the Cultural Avenue and Zhifang Street from north to south, and passes through Hongshan District, Jiangxia Bridge New District, Zhifang old town area and Qinglong Mountain Scenic Area, stops at the Subway Town. The total length of the line is 17.0 kilometers and there are 7 stations, all of which are underground lines. BRDI undertakes the design of the second bidding section. The tasks include the starting point (not included in the Yezhihu Station) - Xincunlu Station Section, Xincunlu Station, Xincunlu Station - Dahualing Station Section, Dahualing Station, Dahualing Station - Jiangxia Keting Station, a total of 2 stations and 3 sections (with intermediate wind wells in the interval).
Two section between Xincunlu Station and Jiangxia Keting Station is about 5.7 km long, with most complex geological condition of the line. The soluble Triassic limestone is distributed in the whole line, and the dissolution is strong. The soft plastic red clay is distributed above the limestone surface. The total number of karst caves and anomalous areas is 1,788, and the maximum height of the cave is 31.9m. It is called “tunneling above honeycomb”. BRDI has studied various countermeasures in the design. Finally, it has been approved by experts and approved by the owner. It adopts comprehensive treatment measures such as neutral pile isolation, high-spray pile reinforcement, grouting in the cave, and sand blowing to ensure the safety of construction and operation of the shield tunnel.