Urban Planning

Architectural Design for 6# Restoration Community in Bozhou Industry Park

6# Restoration Community is located in the west of Bozhou City, Anhui Province and the north of the Industry Park, which takes up a total area of about 15.7 hectares and planned floor area of about 400,000 square meters with about 4,000 households. It is a residential community for the resettlement. The project, with a positioning of “cultural, ecological, healthy, and harmonious large modern livable community”, improves and displays the residential quality and urban image of Bozhou, which is an ancient city with long history and profound culture. The design has paid great attention to remain the local cultural framework in façade with an aim to create modern residential buildings with “the style of the Han Dynasty”. The façade of the building resembled the watchtower of the Han Dynasty with unique feature, which divide the building into three parts — upper, middle and lower. The size of windows on two sides is changed with larger bottom and narrower top. The medium and top of the building have combined with the wood frame of the watchtower of the Han Dynasty to make the building look more unique with regional features. Gray and white are the main colors of the building. Together with heavy architectural symbols on top, the building looks pure, fresh and yet elegant and ancient!